What is SUmmer basketbalL?

Our summer basketball program is essentially a second season of practices and tournaments focused on developing the skill level and athleticism of our participants.  Roster size is limited and there will be a tryout process to make one of our three summer teams.  Our summer program is an opportunity to improve and does not reflect a player's chances of making a team during the regular school season.


Tryouts for summer basketball will occur on different dates depending on your grade level.

  • Incoming 10th-12th graders will tryout on May 31st and June 1st from 6:30-8:45pm at Skyridge MS.

  • Incoming freshmen will tryout on June 8th and June 9th from 4:30-6:45pm at Camas HS.


Throughout June, players will participate in practices in addition to weekend competition.  See the calendar for the most detailed and updated information regarding our schedule.


6/4-6/5: Barlow High School

6/11-6/12: Titanic Clash

6/18-6/19: War of the Border

6/20-6/22: BBall Immersion Training

6/24-6/26: Oregon Team Camp

6/30-7/2: Battle on the Lakes


6/4: Barlow High School

6/11-6/12: Titanic Clash

6/18: Scappoose Shootout

6/20-6/22: BBall Immersion Training

6/24-6/26: Oregon Team Camp


6/11-6/12: Titanic Clash

6/18: Scappoose Shootout

6/20-6/22: BBall Immersion Training

6/24-6/26: Oregon Team Camp



The basketball program supports students that are interested in multiple sports and activities.  The coaching staff tries to coordinate with other school coaches during June but conflicts are unavoidable.  Remember that summer basketball is an optional experience and is not required.  If there are potential conflicts that you know about in advance, please contact Coach Josephson to discuss a solution.

The costs for summer basketball is $325 for all teams.

Payment is required by June 3rd upon being selected for a team.  Payments can be made online or by delivering a check made out to "Camas High School" at the ASB office.


In order to participate in the summer basketball program, students must be registered online through Camas High School for basketball next season.  A copy of an up-to-date physical is also required to be submitted to the athletic office.  This must be completed and verified by the athletic office before students are allowed to tryout!


How will players be notified about the results of tryouts?

The coaching staff will do their best to personally speak to players.  The accelerated pace of summer basketball necessitates that most players will learn about roster selections by receiving an email and/or checking the team website by 11:00pm on Wednesday, June 1st.


When will we figure out the weekend schedules?

The coaching staff will notify families as soon as we get information regarding game times for the various tournaments.  This will be posted on the website calendar as well as emailed. Unfortunately, due to the tournament nature of weekend events, game times are often dependent on the results from the first day of competition.

My son can't participate this June.  Does this mean they will be cut in the winter?

No!  Everyone has five months to get ready for the upcoming season.  The decisions for our winter teams will be based on what your son demonstrates to the coaching staff in November.  Summer basketball certainly provides an advantage.  Players are receiving a season's worth of games while training in the offensive and defensive strategies of the high school program.  However, what is done in the remaining months leading up to next season will ultimately be the difference maker.

How will my son be transported to weekend events?

The school district does not provide transportation for summer basketball.  It is a good idea to set up carpool arrangements when teams are determined.

Are players required to help at the summer youth camp?

We do hope that our summer participants are willing and able to represent the basketball program at our annual youth camp. Many of the players now in our program benefited from this same experience and we hope they are excited to pay it forward by inspiring the next generation of hoopers in Camas!  Our youth camp is from June 27th-June 29th from 9:00am to 12:00pm at Liberty Middle School.